ABAN Wind Farm

ABAN wind farm is located in Takestan town in Qazvin province alongside Zanjan-Qazvin highway with in 520 hectors. Site Location This field is located in direction of wind current in Manjil northern-western in lower circuits and it has continues potential energy in Takestan plains. The vicinity of the site to overall electricity network and transmission electricity line is a special privilege. The production rates of Takestan wind energy is 50 MW/h which it is produced by  26 units of 2MW turbines and is conducted by available cabling in complex post transmission of overall electricity with collection of overall electricity. The control system of turbines and post transmission is automatically and it is conducted and controlled by monitoring site. Specification of turbine technical The technology of turbines construction is Darwind-XEMC Company from Holland which is accepted to design and construct. XE87-2000 KW is using in Aban wind farm is wind turbine to construct by latest technology of the world.


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